Third Grade Math | Measurement and Data Bundle




This BUNDLED third grade math resource includes printable and digital math worksheets that give your third graders practice solving telling time to the nearest minute, working with picture graphs and bar graphs, measuring to the quarter inch, finding area/perimeter and more (3MD1, 3MD2, 3MD3, 3MD4, 3MD5/6, 3MD7, 3MD8). These Common Core aligned math quick checks are perfect for morning work, assessment, homework, review, fast-finisher activities, exit tickets, and math centers.

These math worksheets are provided in THREE formats to best fit your classroom needs – Print and Go, Google Slides, and JPEG.


3.MD.1 – Time to the Nearest Minute; Elapsed Time

  • Write the time shown in the clock to the nearest 5 minutes (2 pages)
  • Write the time shown on the clock to the nearest minute (6 pages)
  • Write the time given on a clock (6 pages)
  • Elapsed time word problems (3 pages)
  • Find the elapsed time when given start and end time (3 pages)

3.MD.2 – Measuring and Estimating Liquid Volumes and Masses

  • Metric capacity (3 pages)
  • American capacity (3 pages)
  • Metric weight (3 pages)
  • American weight (3 pages)

3.MD.3 – Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs

  • Create a picture graph when given data (2 pages)
  • Interpret information from a picture graph (2 pages)
  • Make a bar graph when given picture graph (2 pages)
  • Interpret information from a bar graph (4 pages)

3.MD.4 – Measuring to the Quarter Inch; Line Plots

  • Measure line segments to the nearest 1/4 inch – ruler provided on page (5 pages)
  • Measure line segments and make line plot of data – ruler not provided (3 pages)
  • Create line plot from data (2 pages)

3.MD.5/6 – Concepts and Measurements of Area

  • Determine area from a grid (5 pages)
  • Shade in area on a grid (5 pages)
  • Determine area of rectangles (3 pages)
  • Determine area of squares (2 pages)
  • Determine area of rectangles and squares with L & W given (5 pages)

3.MD.7 – Area by Tiling; Area of Odd Shapes

  • Show multiplication and addition model for tiled area (5 pages)
  • Distributive property and area (3 pages)
  • Area of irregular figures (5 pages)

3.MD.8 – Perimeter

  • Perimeter of squares (2 pages)
  • Perimeter of rectangles (1 page)
  • Perimeter of other shapes (4 pages)
  • Perimeter word problems (2 pages)
  • Draw perimeter when given data (1 page)

All of these third grade math practice pages are included in three formats:

  • Print and go: Printable pages for your students. Answer key included.
  • Google Slides: Link to Google Slides presentation. All text boxes have been added for you, and some directions have been modified to fit the digital formatting. Students will need to be familiar with text, line, and scribble tools to complete this format.
  • JPEG: individual JPEG files of each worksheet. This format is ideal for digital learning platforms like Seesaw where students can “draw” on top of a file using their finger or a stylus pen.

What makes these math quick checks better?

  • Check for student understanding of a single skill in multiple ways
  • Student centered design with easy-to-read fonts and minimal clipart
  • Aligned with Common Core, but skill based to give you the ability to apply to any set of standards
  • Print and digital formats to seamlessly adapt to your current learning environment


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