Ten Frame Game




Your kindergarten and first graders will love practicing their number sense skills using this ten frame bingo game!

This ten frame game will be fun for your whole-group or small-group time and is great for math review or your sub folder!

Included in this resource:

  • 30 unique ready-to-print Bingo cards with ten frames 1-24
  • Template for students to create their own Bingo card
  • Teacher calling card
  • Flashcards for small group play

Teacher Tips:

  • Print and laminate the ready-to-print cards for durability
  • To save time, have students write the number that represents each tens frame in the box BEFORE you begin playing.
  • Use flashcards to call out numbers and to keep track of the ones you have used.
  • Put game in a center for students to play in small groups.
  • Use base ten cubes as counters.
  • Easy to leave for a sub or to put in a sub folder.


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