Number Practice 1-10




These number brochures are the perfect number activity for your kindergarten and pre-k/preschool students! Reinforce what they know about numbers 1-10 by giving them multiple ways to find, write, show, and follow the numbers.

Included in this resource:

  • 10 brochures (20 pages front and pack)
  • 1 brochure for each number 1-10

Each number brochure prompts students to do the following:

  • Trace It: Trace the numeral and number word
  • Frame It: Color the number in a 10 frame
  • Tally It: Write the number in tally marks
  • Highlight It: Highlight the number when given numbers in different fonts
  • Color It: Color objects
  • Follow It: Follow the number through a made from Start to End
  • Write It: Write the numeral and number word
  • Hop It: Hop on the number line and write the number before and after
  • Shade It: Shade the specified number of cubes
  • Draw It: Draw the specified number of objects

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