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CHAMPS is a behavior management tool that allows you to set clear expectations for each part of your school day with a display. This specific CHAMPS display is perfect for your younger learners because each expectation card includes a picture representation.

There are MANY different ways that teachers can adapt the CHAMPS system to fit their needs. What I have included in this resource are the cards and expectations that I used in my first grade classroom PLUS an editable version where you can indicate what each letter of your CHAMPS acronym means and where you can name the different expectations.

The editable nature of this file means there are endless possibilities to fit this resource to each individual teachers’ needs.

Included in this resource:

CHAMPS acronym cards

19 ready-to-print expectation cards

editable version

The ready-to-print pages include the following:

C – Conversation – How can we talk?

H – Help – How can we get help?

A – Activity – How are we working?

M – Movement – How can we move?

P – Participation – How can we get involved?


For CONVERSATION – 0 = Silent, 1 = Whisper, 2 = Inside Voice

For HELP – Ask a Buddy, Raise Your Hand, Do Your Best, Walk to a Teacher

For ACTIVITY – By Yourself, With a Partner, With Your Group, Daily Work, With the Class

For MOVEMENT – At Your Seat, At the Carpet, Around the Room

For PARTICIPATION – All by Myself, Buddy Up, Answer When Called On, Focus on Work

Remember! This file is completely editable to fit YOUR needs. All expectation cards with the pictures are included without the text so you can specify your own expectations.


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