Biography Lapbook Project




Biography Lapbook Project

Use this lapbook as a final product of learning for a biography project – can be used for any person!

Add a sense of mystery – this lapbook makes a great interactive bulletin board display for your classroom or the halls of your school.

Your students will write all that they have learned about the person they researched, and other students will try to guess the name of the person. To check their guess, they can lift the flap and find out if they were correct!

Also included in this purchase is a research organizer to ensure that students have collected all of the information they will need to create their Who Am I? Interactive Lapbook Project.

In this lapbook, the students will research and display the following information of the person they studied:
What are they famous for?
Is this person still living?
What is a famous quotation said by this person?
Is this person male or female?
Where was this person born?
Who were their parents? Brothers and sisters?
Where did this person go to school?
What jobs did this person hold?
What hobbies did this person enjoy?
What are some adjectives or character traits that describe this person?
What are some fun facts about this person?

Black and white line art copy AND a fun colorful copy are both included in the purchase – choose which to use!

Download the preview for photographs of the final product!

Research Graphic Organizer: Print double sided and staple for a two page organizer for information during research of their famous person. If they fill all of this information out, they will have more than enough of the right information to be able to make their interactive lapbook!

Interactive Bulletin Board Accessories: Staple your lapbooks to a bulletin board to have students interact with their peers’ projects! Provided are numbers to label your students’ lapbooks. Then, you can write the names of each person researched in random order on the ‘Biography Bank’ pages. Give each student a copy of the ‘My Guesses” page and they can take turns guessing the famous person researched.


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