Number Form Place Value Practice Thanksgiving




Number form practice, turkey style! Your students will love this fun place value thanksgiving activity that will engage them in showing what they know about place value and number forms.

Included in this resource:

– Ready-to-print templates to create a number form turkey

– Number forms included:

  • Word Form
  • Ten Frames (up to 100)
  • Expanded Form
  • Base Ten Cubes
  • Tally Marks
  • Sum
  • Difference
  • Money
  • Tens and Ones
  • PLUS a template to add your own form

– Supplemental worksheets to practice number forms

  • 3 pages to practice number forms of 2-digit numbers
  • 3 pages to practice number forms of 3-digit numbers

How to use this resource:

Print copies of the “feathers” by deciding which number forms you want your students to practice. If you want to create your own, print off a blank copy and write in the form at the top of the feather before making class copies. Please note that there are 2 feathers per page. Print on white paper and students can color or print on colorful paper to save time!

Print copies of the turkey body. I have provided a “blank” turkey where you can write in numbers on the noses after you make the copies – easily differentiate what numbers your students receive. I have also provided ready-to-print turkey bodies for numbers 1-100.

Give the students their turkey bodies so they can identify the number they will be working with. Model how to make a number form, then hand students the corresponding feather for them to complete. Repeat this process until you have modeled and students have completed all number forms you want.

Students can then color their feathers (lightly as to not cover up their work!). They will put glue on the bottom portion of the feather that is marked off with a line and glue it to the turkey body.

Mount on black paper (there will be feathers hanging off the sides) or leave as is. These turkeys would make a fun bulletin board!

Teacher Tips:

  • Spread the project out across a whole week. Complete 1-2 feathers/number forms per day, then use the practice pages as a culminating review or assessment tool.
  • Allow students to use a marker, flair or sharpie to write in their information before coloring the feather with crayon to help their work stand out.
  • You could go as far as differentiating the number of/which feathers your students complete based on skill levels!


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