Groundhog Day Math and Literacy




Groundhog Day is February 2 – get your students talking about current events while practicing fractions, graphing, answering questions based on reading, and writing!

Included in This Purchase:

  • Groundhog Day Graphing: Pass out the ballots and have your students vote on whether the groundhog will see its shadow. Students will graph the results and answer questions about the graph! Ex: If you doubled the votes in each category, how many votes would there be for the groundhog seeing its shadow?)
  • Groundhog Day Fractions: Students will ask different numbers of friends if they think the groundhog will see its shadow and then color in the fractions to represent the responses! Worksheet using halves, quarters, fifths, and sixths.
  • Groundhog Day Close Reading Passage: Short reading passage giving information about Groundhog day. Five underlined vocabulary words. Recommended for 3rd-4th grade readers.
  • Reading Response Questions: Four short answer questions relating to the Groundhog Day Close Reading Passage. Two ‘right there’ questions and two ‘beyond the text’ questions.
  • Open Ended Writing: Groundhog topper and writing paper – have your students write a short story about a groundhog, summarize the reading passage, write a poem – whatever will go along with your current writing goals!
  • Vocabulary/Summarizing: Students match vocabulary words from Groundhog Day Close Reading Passage to their definitions and then write a summary of the passage using the vocabulary words.
  • Color by Product: Students answer basic multiplication facts and color the groundhog.
  • Making Words: Students create 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter and 6-letter words using letters from ‘Punxsutawney.’ Letter cards provided for students to use as a manipulative.
  • Groundhog Day Word Search: Students search for Groundhog Day related vocabulary words.

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