Compose/Decompose Numbers 11-19 Worksheets Kindergarten Math K.NBT.1




This kindergarten math resource includes printable and digital math worksheets that give your kindergartners practice composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 (KNBT1). These Common Core aligned math quick checks are perfect for morning work, assessment, homework, review, fast-finisher activities, exit tickets, and math centers.

These math worksheets are provided in TWO formats to best fit your classroom needs – Print and Go and JPEG.

Included in this resource are 16 math worksheets:

  • Match the number to the correct ten frame (2 pages)
  • Count the base ten cubes and write how many tens and ones; write the number (2 pages)
  • Match the number to the correct base ten blocks (2 pages)
  • Fill in the missing number (2 pages)
  • Fill in the ten frames to match each equation (2 pages)
  • Draw base ten blocks to match the equation (2 pages)
  • Fill in the missing numbers (2 pages)
  • Color in the ten frames to match the words and write the sum (2 pages)

All of these kindergarten math practice pages are included in two formats:

  • Print and go: Printable pages for your students.
  • JPEG: individual JPEG files of each worksheet. This format is ideal for digital learning platforms like Seesaw where students can “draw” on top of a file using their finger or a stylus pen.

What makes these math quick checks better?

  • Check for student understanding of a single skill in multiple ways
  • Student centered design with easy-to-read fonts and minimal clipart
  • Aligned with Common Core, but skill based to give you the ability to apply to any set of standards
  • Print and digital formats to seamlessly adapt to your current learning environment



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