Fractions on a Number Line Paperless Google Quick Checks | 3.NF.2




Engage your students in paperless practice of identifying fractions on a number line.

Using Google Forms and this resource, you will be able to quickly assess student understanding to help you drive your instruction.

Included in this resource:

Two Google Form quick checks

  • Two 10-question forms asking students to identify the numerical fraction when given a picture of a fraction number line with an arrow; multiple choice with 4 options and one correct answer for each question.

Important things for you to know:

Each quick check contains 10 questions, plus a field for first and last name.

Assign to your students by sharing the Google Form with them via Google Drive OR by assigning it through Google Classroom.

If you need additional identifying questions (class period, student number etc.), you will be able to add those to fit your needs!

Student responses and scores will populate AUTOMATICALLY in the spreadsheet, leaving more time for you to take care of other tasks.

These 10-question digital quick checks are also great for morning work, homework, and center work.

This resource specifically aligns with CCSS 3.NF.2.


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