Gift Guide for the Cool Teacher Chick

Teachers are a special breed – and I am one, so I am allowed to say this.

We are office supply nerds who like to work smart and keep up with trends while staying comfortable… it a nutshell. 

If you have a special teacher in your life – wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or bff – this guide will surely point you in the right direction of a gift that she will actually enjoy.

[Disclaimer:  There are no mugs, keychains, ornaments, or paperweights on this list.  While we appreciate generosity of all kinds, we like other stuff, too.]

Staedtler Pens: Flair pens are cool and all, but these have a super fine tip and are just so smooth. Plus, if you leave the cap off, they don’t dry out permanently!

Lucky Brand Flats: Every teacher needs a go-to pair of shoes… or 4.  These flats are SO comfortable – and I’ve tried many a flat in my life so I would know.  They have the Tieks look without the $200 Tieks pricetag.  Plus, they come in a ton of colors and fun patterns!

Yeti Tumbler:  I know I said no coffee mugs, but this is NOT a coffee mug.  This is a must-have for teachers because usually we bring a hot coffee to school and by the time we get around to drinking it, it’s cold.  OR we bring ice water and it’s room temperature when we actually have a second to take a sip.  Yetis are known for keeping the temperature of the drink inside… it’s the little things, people.

Lightbox: This is one of those ‘extras’ for our classrooms that are fun to have but rarely in the budget of necessities like pencils and paper.  Teachers use these for so many different things – announcements, birthday boards, holiday wishes, and fun little quotes.  They add something cozy to our classroom – and our classroom’s are our home away from home.

Personal Laminator: Many schools have a giant laminator, and about 97% of the time, the film is out, the machine is jammed, or there is a line of teachers 20 deep waiting to use it.  This little guy is so affordable, and is convenient to have either at home or in our classrooms to speed up prep for some of our most awesome lessons.

Binding machine: Haven’t you ever had a stack of paper and wished you could just coil bind it into a notebook?  Then you must not be a teacher.  Whether we are making our own notebooks, planners or lists… or prepping materials for our students.. this is just a fun gadget to have to make things a little more organized.

To-Do List Notepad: This notepad has been the sole reason I stay afloat most weeks.  It allows us teachers to prioritize our many tasks so that we don’t forget anything throughout the week!

Jean jacket: A good jean jacket should be a staple in any teacher’s wardrobe.  Let me fill you in on a secret – the heating and cooling systems in most schools aren’t too predictable.  It could be 100 degrees outside while our classrooms are a cool 60 degrees – enter the jacket.  They look good with skirts, pants, scarves, colors, prints…. just so versatile 🙂

Erin Condren 2018 Calendar: Erin Condren makes some awesome planners.  Being the office supply junkies that us teachers are, we can never have enough pretty notebooks, calendars or planners.  With dozens of cover options to choose from, the teacher you love might just enjoy having something cute to keep track of life in.

Teachers Pay Teachers Giftcard: Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers use their expertise, create and publish curriculum resources.  Then, other teachers can go on the site to purchase lessons.  We love TPT because we are always looking for ways to engage our students, but it is soooo time consuming to be creative every day.  With TPT, we can spend a few dollars and save ourselves hours of work!

Vera Bradley backpack: Backpacks are comin’ back for adults… I can feel it.  Vera has tons of vibrant patterns and pockets to organize all of the teacher-stuff.  Plus, what teacher doesn’t have a bag that she brings to and from school each day?  Whether she opens it up at home or not is another question…

Loopy Phone Case: This is a personal favorite of mine… Once you have a Loopy, you’ll never want another phone case again, so just proceed with caution.  I have yet to drop my phone on my face while laying in bed, and my phone hasn’t gone flying down any staircases… all because of Loopy.  They make the cases for alllll different kinds of phone types, too!

Graphic tee:  We are proud to be teachers, and graphic tees are just so darn comfortable.  There are so many cute ones out there to choose from – some are funny and some are inspiring and thoughtful… but either way, every teacher should have at least one.

Converse: Casual Friday wear!  These shoes are not only super comfortable, but they will match any school spirit wear that is in a teacher’s closet.  [They also wash up really nice if you throw them in the washing machine with some oxy-clean, just sayin’]

Lunch bag: We all eat lunch, so this is something every teacher needs.  Sure, we might already have a lunch bag but it is always fun to have something new to carry around.  This one is insulated and it has cacti on it – didn’t ya know that is a trend right now?  We like to keep up.

Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet:  These fun bracelets are comfortable to wear and each one has a special meaning – pineapples are definitely a good bet, but have some fun searching through the site to find one that really has some sentimental value!

There you have it.  If you are a teacher reading this, go ahead and bookmark this page to share with family and friends if they ask what your holiday wish list includes!

If you are someone looking for a gift for that special teacher chick in your life, I hope you have found some ideas that will earn you some good karma.

xo, Jennifer

(This post contains affiliate links.  It won’t cost you any more to purchase the item, but I will receive a tiny commission that helps me keep this blog up and running!)

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